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Alfred Motzer

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Fürth, Bayern


Working as a gynecologist in a clinical centre, operating women with pelvic floor disorders and working as a painting artist implies living in two worlds. Meaning reality on one side, art and emotion on the other side. But life isnt that simple, at least not mine!
Living together with my wife, author of a spiritual novel, that never has been published, furthermore connoisseur of homeopathy, Bach flower remidy, Enneagramm, Kabbalah et cetera...thinking in alternative theories and conceptions was not infamiliar for me. Even in my medical profession, psychological categories and epathic feelings were at least as important as so called scientific facts. The same referes to art and painting, as I understand and interprete it. In this field I was intensively concerned with photography and videography, that is why theory of colours, composition and significance of tonal values were not uncommon for me.That means, I am always torn beween objectivity and accuracy on one side and absolutely free and chaotic technique on the other sice. Under the influence of these two opposite tendencies I have generated a painting style between precision and loose sketch-technique, most spectators would characterize as impressionist,..personal I would call my style "emotional".
I am very thankful having studied watercolour under my Spanish teacher Manuel Casasola Aprea, whom I would call "Wizard and Grandmaster of Watercolour". At the early beginning of our cooperation he recognized and supported my own, as he called, "unique" style till these days...
It hasnt been a long time, that I came into contact with Jane Small, a wonderful artist of Glastonbury, who creates outstanding mystic and spiritual paintings and who intensively encouraged me to continue and refine my painting style. Its due to her that I am able to publish my paintings in this very portal..
Why watercolour? Many artist argue that watercolour would be the most difficult medium for painting, and so spoke Manuel Casasola Aprea.
The reason why I chose this medium is the fact that I recognize part of my own personality in it. Painting watercolour may end up in a wonderful painging as well as it may end up in a disaster!! You can never controll this medium totally! You may have finished a watercolour painting and you might be not very satisfied. The next morning you look at it again and you are looking at a different painting, that might rejoice your heart!
Being a seeker, someone who searches for truth and light,..yes particularly light, watercolour is the painting medium of mine. Being the most important element on earth for living ( must not be a senior physician to know that!), water is at the same time the most essential element of my painting process. On the other hand, must not be a fan of Gallic comics or of British stories of witchcraft and wizardry to confess, that there will be no magic potion without water!!!
Elsewher I have written that our paintings are the mirror of our souls. For those people, who get themselves into these paitings, these paintings might be mirror of the spectators souls as well! That is why my paintings may not only be realistic or impressionist or emotional,..they may as well be magic or spiritual for you,..not least because of the mystic power of water...

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Nuernberg walkby the riverside by Alfred Motzer


Fuert eastern riverside of Rednitz by Alfred Motzer


Carolines shopping street by Alfred Motzer


Fuerth seven arches bridge by Alfred Motzer


Falls melody by Alfred Motzer


Neighbours garden by Alfred Motzer


Nuernberg clinic center IV by Alfred Motzer


Nuernberg clinic center II by Alfred Motzer


Nuernberg clinic center III by Alfred Motzer


Nuernberg clinic center by Alfred Motzer


Castle of Cadolzburg by Alfred Motzer


Cadolzburg VII by Alfred Motzer


Cadolzburg VI by Alfred Motzer


Cadolzburg V by Alfred Motzer


Cadolzburg IV by Alfred Motzer


Cadolzburg II by Alfred Motzer


Cadolzburg III by Alfred Motzer


Cadolzburg I by Alfred Motzer


Fuerth station square by Alfred Motzer


barbecue in the meadows by Alfred Motzer


elves way by Alfred Motzer


Nuremberg northern riverside of Pegnitz by Alfred Motzer


Fuerth railroad station by Alfred Motzer


Shunting locomotive by Alfred Motzer


barbecue under Siebenbogen bridge by Alfred Motzer


Fuerth Schwabacher Strasse by Alfred Motzer


wispering leaves by Alfred Motzer


neighbours garden by Alfred Motzer


falling leaves II by Alfred Motzer


bumper car ride by Alfred Motzer


annual fair by Alfred Motzer


happy sisters one pregnant by Alfred Motzer


Nuernberg Karolinenstrasse digitally remastered by Alfred Motzer


Nuernberg Karolinenstrasse by Alfred Motzer


Nuernberg half past four by Alfred Motzer


operating room by Alfred Motzer


Nuernberg Maxbruecke by Alfred Motzer


sunrise by Alfred Motzer


Fuerth harvest festival by Alfred Motzer


Nuernberg Kettensteg by Alfred Motzer


rock of the elves by Alfred Motzer


catamaran by Alfred Motzer


Ostsee by Alfred Motzer


Fuerth shopping mall by Alfred Motzer


streetcar to the castle by Alfred Motzer


emperors defence by Alfred Motzer


Carolines shopping street by Alfred Motzer


path to light by Alfred Motzer